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Review: Ace Kids Math Games HD

Colourful introduction to mathematics with quality graphics and positive reinforcement!

View on the App Store: Ace Kids Math Games HD - for iPad - Hien Ton

Features of Ace Kids Math Games HD:

  • Numeracy skills are enhanced as your child learns to count.
  • The Multiple Choice answering option teaches your child about choice.
  • See the relationship between real-world objects and abstractions (numbers) helps your child understand the concept of counting.
  • Choosing stickers adds creativity and a playful aspect to the educational content.
  • Answering the maths puzzle correctly provides positive feedback and builds confidence.

This is a great starter maths app for the 3 to 4 year old who is just learning to count and add.

Choose between addition or subtraction problems.  

There are colourful and fun images which appear alongside the numbers, making it easier for little ones to 'add up', or 'count' to find the correct answer. Example: 7 bananas + 2 pears = 9 pieces of fruit.  Being multiple-choice style learning, this App gives a choice of three answers (eg: 9, 10 or 11) which your child can choose from.

After each maths problem you can see whether the answer is correct, or not.  If it is correct the learner is given a 'strawberry' which is displayed along the top for them to see.  This becomes a mark of their achievement.  Once they answer 10 puzzles correctly they see all ten strawberries along the top and they earn a 'sticker'.  The stickers are colourful animals and are very child friendly.  

You can go to the 'Play Zone', and have some fun moving your animal sticker around in between games. (Nice touch, developers!)

This app can be used in conjunction with real world counting, using actual bananas for example.  This app becomes a method of continued learning until the child has 'grown' put of it.  After they can count in their heads, and can visualise mathematics abstractly, they no longer need to take the time to count the objects on the screen.  Super!

Addition, Subtraction and Advanced Features make this a perfect toddler and pre-school maths education app for iPad, a great app for beginners maths.

We recommend this App for kids age from 3 - 6

This iPad App is recommended by: iPadMum - Google Plus


10 out of 10!

Age Group:


After each maths puzzle it it is displayed whether your child got the correct answer or not. There is a happy smiley face for the right answer and great motivational words to match, which boost confidence. HOWEVER: It does say 'wrong' with a smiley with a sad crying face if you get it wrong.

I recommend you are with your child the first few times they play this game so you can contextualise this the most empowering way for your child. No reading required.

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